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Green Screen Film Studio Fort Lauderdale, Miami-$50 an Hour Lights, Wireless Lapel Mic & Teleprompter Included

Its A Dirty Game
Now In Production at Sky Hi Studios

Let us film your Feature Length 90 minute movie for $4,995
3-Week Video Shooting and full use of studio included

We will film your low budget, feature length movie for three weeks for the ridiculously low price of $4,995 complete. This includes a two-camera shoot using top of the line Sony HD cameras, boom mics, dollies and the full use of our film studio and any other locations you have in mind for three full weeks. We also have a 4-weekend movie filming package for only $2,995.00 which covers 8 days. We have living-room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sets in our studio. We record directly to the computers hard disk so your daily footage is available for review that night. Just to rent two cameras alone for 3 weeks is over $6,300 and that's not including cameraman, mics, dollies and a full studio. We will also show you how to market your finished film to the movie industry for lots of money.

Create an account on, upload your script and share it with us. We can then place that script into Adobe On Location and as we film your movie directly to the computer we link the best takes to their part in the script and your movie pretty much is edited as we film. We can also help you with packaging and distribution your film including placing the film with online retailers such as, iTunes, or shopping it to major film studios for possible theatrical release and shopping your film to foreign countries for filming in their theaters. Need to raise money for your film? Let us help you put together a quick 2-minute trailer and show you how to use that to raise anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 to film your movie. We can spice up your movie or trailer with realistic explosions, realistic gun props and sounds and royalty free music beds to give your movie that big budget look, sound and feel. Sky Hi Studios is the premiere Greenscreen Film Studio Fort Lauderdale.

HD DSLR Movie Making - Canon 7D

Ready to start shooting Digital SLR camera like most of the Pro's are doing these days then step up to the Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera that shoots in full HD 1080p and uses Canon's world renowned 35mm professional film lenses. That's right folks, we have the Canon EOS 7D and it is just waiting for you to film your next feature length movie in grand style. 2-camera, Canon 7D, 3-week filming packages start at $4,995

Red One 4k Digital Film Camera $12,995/3 Week Shoot inc. DP

If you're ready to go all the way have we got the monster for you. Step up all the way to the legendary Red One full 4k all digital film camera and create your masterpiece with the legendary camera that all of the blockbuster movies are being filmed with these days. Full RED One packages available in any of a variety of options including fixed and zoom lenses, displays and storage options. When it comes to editing your 4k Movie we have you fully covered with our full Red R3D editing suite. The list of movies filmed on RED One cameras include: Angels & Demons, Knowing, My Bloody Valentine, District 9, The Lovely Bones, ER, Jumper, Night At The Museum, Green Zone, The Book of Eli, Game, Leaves of Grass, Unbelievable and many, many more. We have two Red Epic cameras arriving in September. Here is your chance to step up to the major league and film your movie right. We have a complete red footage data management department that can handle all areas of processing including advanced color corrections and special film looks, fast RED Rocket transcodes and LTO-4 data tape archival which is good for 30 years.

Films in production at Sky Hi Studios

1  Christina
1  Local Lauderdale
2  Dealer School Dropout  
3  Love of Passion

MorHead Productions Filming a Car at Sky Hi Film Studio for a Short Film

Kid Skilly - Video Shoot July 18 - July 19, 2009 at Sky Hi Film Studio
Some of The Beautiful Models on the Video Shoot

Local artists at Sky Hi Film Studio filming a Music Video.

Let Sky Hi Studios Video Production, Film Studio, & Audio Recording studios handle all of your audio & video production needs.
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