Corporate Video Production Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Sky Hi Studios Specializes in Corporate Video production in a major way. We videotape your corporate video presentations in HD with a high quality UHF Lapel microphone attached to you. We also place a teleprompter in front of the camera so that you have your prepared script at eyesignt for you to read as you look into the camera. This way you can focus more on your presentation instead of having to mentally pause to remember what it is you are supposed to be saying.

Page 1 Visibility on Google Search Results & In Maps

What's the sence of creating a great corporate video at great expense but have no way of utilizing that great production. We have the expertise to get your video showing up on page 1 of Google's search results for your industry. One of the main reasons why people create corporate videos is to attract more customers. The old yellow page phone book is dead as far as advertising your business is concerned. Most peole find products and services by searching Google or another search engine these days. We will get you on the front page og Google and all of the other search engines, online directories and blogs. 70% of consumers cite online sites as their primary sources for local business search. When they pinpoint the local businesses that carry the products/services they need, about 50% of general online searchers make purchases compared to 70% of mobile users and 67% of social networkers. You need your website to be mobile enabled. We ensure that your website is mobile enabled so that if someone looks you up on a mobile phone they can read all of the information from your web pages without having to scroll all over the place. We also ensure that when people search for you in a map-based app such as google maps or mapquest not only does your business show up but that it shows up as the main business out of the many others that may also be listed in the search. Do you know that 95% of text messages get opened immediately? If you can pack a coupon with a hot sale in that text message just before lunch on any given day you could literally make a killing. But how do you create and manage a great text message campaign that get's your customers mobile number and keeps them opening up your text messages? Do you know how to create and send mobile coupons or QR codes to attract large groups of customers to your business on short notice.
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