Music Video Production Miami

Sky Hi Studios Video Production studio has undergone major changes that include assisting artists, groups and bands to create more polished music videos via the introduction of their Luxury Asset rental department. You can now rent a Lear Jet including the Gulfstreat 6 (G6), a luxury automobile including the Bugati, Maybach, or Lamborghini, a luxury yacht and luxury mansions. Call us in advance to map out your vision and let our team of creative professionals procure the assets of your dreams so that when you arrive into town to film your next great masterpiece, all you have to do is show up and press play. So whether your vision includes a music video like those from major artists like back in the day JayZ, Michael Jackson, or Busta Rhymes then Sky Hi Studios is the place to come to realize that dream. Need to book the top night club on South Beach for the shoot including Club Mansion or Club Play, then gives a call and we will make that happen. We can also supply you with the top hot models in the Magic City.

Need to put major talent in your next film, then Sky Hi Studios Film Studio can assist by connecting you to the top talent in Hollywood from a Nia Long, Rick Ross, or a Mary J Blige. We can assist your next major film by providing you with any equipment you may need whether it be a camera crane, HMI Lights, a 10 ton grip truck or the latest Red Epic M camera system. We can procure any studio space that you may desire in the sunshine state and put you in touch with any location including getting all of the permitting done. Don’t forget the lucrative film incentives that Florida now offers. We can put you in touch with the right people at the film commission’s office and help you get the necessary paperwork in order.

We here at Sky Hi Studios are re-defining the industry and bringing major audio and video productions to the South East where it belongs. Sky Hi Studios is your one stop show for your caviar dreams and champagne wishes. Contact Sky Hi Studio today so that we can assist you in making your next major production a total success. Come and enjoy some fun in the sun while you create your next masterpiece. We Makin’ Movies over here.


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