The Video Resume

How to Get That Interview Ahead of Everyone Else in That Stack of Resumes

The United States is going through one of the toughest unemployment cycles in the history of the country. You know that there are countless individuals applying for the same job that you are but you need some way to differentiate yourself from the many other individuals in the queue so that you land that interview and show them what you've got. So what do you do; Match the keywords in your resume as closely as possible to the job requirements of every employer? Print your resume on pink paper? Go back to school and get a degree? Simple fact of the matter is neither one of these tactics may get you into the interview, while some of them will take too long and cost way more money than you have right now. Well, how about trying a surefire way of getting that interview every time and acing it in flying colors with a video resume. A video resume puts you directly in front of potential employers with your chance to showcase all of your important skills and other attributes that you bring to the table while ensuring that you look good doing it every time.

With a video resume, you get to dress your best, and practice your delivery as many times as you want until you get just the right take that you want to present to the world. You get to highlight all of your important skills and any specialized training you may have that may make you uniquely suited to the job that you are applying for. This is your golden opportunity to highlight all of the companies you have worked for in the past and present what made you a star performer at those engagements. Here’s your chance to let potential employers know of specific situations where you were able to solve unique problems or come up with creative solutions to difficult obstacles in a variety of circumstances that let them know that you’re the person they want around when the going gets tough. With a video resume you get in front of potential employers and put on a star performance every time, over and over again until you land that dream job that you’ve been trying so desperately to get.

While everyone else is waiting for their paper or online resume to make it in front of the interviewer and stand out somehow from the last couple hundred resumes before it, your video resume just landed you another great interview. Best of all you get to do this over and over again until the phone starts ringing with employers calling to do their follow-up interview without you even having to leave the house for the initial interview. As you know, most people who get called for a follow-up interview usually get the job.

Let Sky Hi Studios create a professional video resume for you today in their state of the art film studio complete with Teleprompters and wireless microphones to ensure that you create the best product possible. Here’s your chance to leap to the top of the stack (of resumes), ace the interview, and get your phone ringing for follow-up interviews. We let you take as long as you need to record your video resume as clearly and as professionally as you can without someone watching over your shoulder making you nervous. Our studio is equipped with remote viewing capabilities so that you record your video on the sound stage while the engineer monitors the recording from the control room, giving you complete privacy to do a great job every time. You get to control the teleprompter and work at your own pace and do as many re-takes as you need until you get the video resume just right. Our creative department assists you in picking out just the right color theme for your video resume so that you end up with a very polished and professional end product. We also place the logos of the comapnies that you've worked for in the pasty into the video resume along with any other items you wish to highlight to give it that slick, PowerPoint presentation style. Imagine you in the top boardrooms of America giving a PowerPoint presentation of yourself and your best attributes to the key persons responsible for hiring you. That alone shows creative initiative to a potential employer and lets them know that you do whatever it takes to get the job done.

After the video resume is created, we place the video into your written resume so that when potential employers open up your PDF or word resume, your video resume starts playing immediately. No need for them to click on a link that they may not follow. Best of all, we don’t just create your video resume and send you on your merry way; we work with you in sending out your video resume to a targeted list of companies and their recruiters in a way that ensures that they take a look at your video resume. We also host your video resume on our employment website and make that resume actively available to potential employers while soliciting new employers to take a look at how video resumes can speed up and simplify the recruitment process for their organizations as well. This arrangement makes the video resume a win-win proposition for both the interviewer and you the interviewee because it speeds up the interview process for them and get you in the door for the interview without you having to leave out your front door, thereby saving them time and you money in wasted gas and frustration. What are you waiting for? The phone to ring? Why not make that phone ring by getting rid of that old, tired, and lame written resume and invest in a brand new, polished video resume and start going on interviews again for a change. Let Sky Hi Studios video resume department go to work for you today and create that professional masterpiece that can land you that new job in a matter of weeks. You owe it to yourself and your family so why not get started today. Our regular rate for a professionally produced video resume is $395 but as an introductory special (recession special) we are creating professional video resumes for a limited time for only $249 so call us today to reserve your spot at (954) 667-7597. If you're not in town then talk to us about how we can assist you in creating your video resume over the internet.

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