Sky Hi Studios - Web Design

Sky Hi Studios introduces its Web Design department to the public. Looking to create that cutting edge website for your company then Sky Hi Web Design Studios is the place you want to contact. We can create your website in any of the popular technologies including ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Dreamweaver and Flash & Flex. Not only do we create stunning websites, we can also optimize your website so that it don’t just sit there gathering dust but will continue to work hard every day bringing you new customers from search directories such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, Business Directories and Blogs. We employ the latest in S.E.O. tools and technologies to ensure that we pump the most juice out of your website to keep your phone ringing regularly with new customers. Your number one goal is ensuring that you rank #1 on Google for the search terms that matter most to your bottom line.

Green Screen Film & Video Studio

Because we have a full production green screen film & video studio we can create stunning webinars for your website more cost effectively than anyone else in order to make you the authority in your business category.The best way to attract new customers to your website and ultimately to your business in today’s business climate is to post instructional & informational videos on your website that lets the world know that you are the expert in your industry. This not only builds confidence among potential customers but prepares your customers for doing business with you by pre-qualifying them and answering all of the preliminary questions correctly thereby leading to guaranteed sales more frequently.

Mobile App Web Design

Do you need a mobile application developed for your business to interact more intimately with potential and existing customers. Our App Development department can create sophisticated mobile apps that work on the iPhone, iPad, Android based phones as well as the Windows Phone platform. Why should you be left behind in the corporate mobile app market. We can help you speed to the top of the pack in your industry by sporting the latest mobile app specific to your type of business. Whether it is taking orders by phone or showing potential customers photos and videos of the latest product, automobile or houses in your inventory.

Local Mobile Search

70% of consumers cite online sites as their primary sources for local business search. When they pinpoint the local businesses that carry the products/services they need, about 50% of general online searchers make purchases compared to 70% of mobile users and 67% of social networkers. You need your website to be mobile enabled. We ensure that your website is mobile enabled so that if someone looks you up on a mobile phone they can read all of the information from your web pages without having to scroll all over the place. We also ensure that when people search for you in a map-based app such as google maps or mapquest not only does your business show up but that it shows up as the main business out of the many others that may also be listed in the search. Do you know that 95% of text messages get opened immediately? If you can pack a coupon with a hot sale in that text message just before lunch on any given day you could literally make a killing. But how do you create and manage a great text message campaign that get's your customers mobile number and keeps them opening up your text messages? Do you know how to create and send mobile coupons or QR codes to attract large groups of customers to your business on short notice.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where it's at these days. Everyone is on Facebook after recently leaving MySpace. Now they are trickeling over to Google+, FourSquare and So what's a business person to do? Let Sky Hi Studios Social Media Marketing department help your business locate and attract customers on the major social media websites. Your competition is mining this gold mine of customers leaving you on the verge of closing your door. Why do that when we can show you simple little techniques to pack your restaurant or other retail business in a matter of minutes when you are having an unbelievably slow day. Everyone carries their Keys and Phone with them. They don't even have to carry a walet or purse with credit cards or even carry any cash any more and still purchase whatever they want by way of their cellphone. Hey, are you keeping up here? Or are you making plans to give it all up. Let us save you from the doom of yesterday's technology and put your business in touch with the fast-moving social media trends of today before it is too late.

Here at Sky Hi Studios Web Design we know that you want a website for two purposes only and that is to get new customers and keep existing customers happy. So whether you need a website built from the ground up or you need your existing website optimized to perform better on the new web, then give us a call so that we can get your phones ringing like you expected when you had the bright idea to go into business for yourself in the first place. What is Web Design? Follow the link and find out.

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